Terra Hard Seltzer


Pandemic controlled on hanging out with friends, travelling across the world and spending time with nature. With the summer around the corner and pandemic about to alleviate and youngsters expecting to reunite.

  • Duration :

    6 weeks

  • Team :

    Melissa Huelvas

  • Role :

    Design Thinking and research, Brand Design, Layout Design, Wireframing, Packaging, Advertising

  • Skill :

    Adobe Creative Suits, AR Spark

  • Client :

    Personal project


How do we sell more mass-market booze to young people at the (hopefully) end of the pandemic while looking optimistic?


We wanted to tap into the nostalgia of a great vacation trip. So a combination of bubbles, alcohol, and flavors inspired by world destinations tap into the feeling of letting go, experiencing new things, and having a good time. We provide six fruit flavors from six continents that give a taste of what’s popular and a subtle entry point into another culture. And engaging advertising uplifts these feelings and encourage to purchase the product.

Design Process


Market research
User Interviews


Brand Defination


Design Selection
Liabrary Assets


Can Package Design
Prototype of landing Page
Instagram Advertising



Hard seltzer is a resilient item within the entire alcoholic beverage industry due to being gluten-free and low in alcohol content. Also, a major reason behind the increasing adoption of hard seltzer is the reduced content of calories and carbohydrates in comparison to beers and other mixed drinks.

The graph indicates the sale of Hard Seltzer in the early Pandemic of 2020. Since the week ending March 21, 2020, each week’s dollar sales of hard seltzer has exceeded the week of June 13, 2019. They made 2.7 billion sales in just 52 weeks. Also, the IWSR report forecasts that by 2023, the Hard Seltzer will grow more than triple.

User Interviews
Project Image

"I avoid Hard drinks but fine with little alcohol!" — Dylan

Project Image

"Bubbly is what I drink, it has history and such a good fruity flavor!" — Joe

Project Image

"If I'm not drinking soda, I'm drinking Seltzer!" — Cristina



A majority of (60%) and 70% of legal age Millennial drinkers are a core demographic for hard seltzer. This helped us discover our target audience, college-going students, searching for a common alcoholic beverage that had a fruit-based flavor.


Terra, incomes from different languages Latin, Italian, Portuguese. It represents the meaning of Earth and Land. It also means love towards land and we want to give that feeling of love of discovering a nostalgic destination through our brand. Terra allows you to

Discover the World, One Sip at a Time.
Six Flavors from Six Continents

While interviewing we found that people came from different continents and prefer flavors that belong to their continent. We wanted to provide the best that they would embrace. And defining six popular flavors from six continents would be equitable to satisfy everyone’s taste.


Library Assets

We developed Library Assets that content colors, typography, logo, illustrations, background formats that require to design the can packaging.


User Interface Design

The website gives a playful, cheerful, and nostalgic experience to user through the patterns, typography and and colors.

Instagram Filters

We used Instagram insights to promote TERRA on a customer-rich platform for boosting brand visibility, high level of engagement, and effective visual marketing. Along with advertising posts, I designed TERRA AR filters by using design elements to set our brand apart from competitors. I used AR SPARK software for advanced customizations and controls of the face occluder and face mesh functions.

Terra Spectacular Faces