Bethany Community Church


Bethany Community Church is a non-denominational church located in the greater Seattle area. They cultivate an inviting, welcoming atmosphere for current and new attendees. They differ from other churches in their unity in multi-site churches. Pastors of their locations come together to discuss sermons, events, services, etc. This allows them to have a similar message and spirit.

  • Duration :

    10 weeks

  • Team :

    Jayson Edwards

  • Role :

    UI Design, Icon Design, Interaction, Mockup design

  • Skill :

    Figma, Adobe Illustrator

  • Client :

    Bethany Church (Palador)


Currently, the Bethany website promotes six locations with their own message that may not be useful for the people who want to learn more about the church as a whole. How might we unite these locations and make them feel more like one church with shared messages?


The restructuring of the website would be helpful in making clear navigation to their current and new attendees and easy for them to check and attend events and services of different locations at the same time.



Research goals

  • Identify various challenges faced by attendees when interacting with different services such as events, ministries, donations, sunday services, etc.
  • Learn common success and pain points from the user's perspective.
  • Identify successful navigational patterns, filter functions on website pages.
  • Learn how competitors use the digital space to target their audience.
  • Understand the needs and requirements of active, virtual attendees.



Their potential visitors will use their website to learn more about services such as what to expect, times, and locations. Current Attendees use the website for many different purposes such as being able to search for events, find volunteer opportunities and join groups. They also have access to a wide variety of online resources such as live streams, sermons, and worship music for attendees who may be remote.

Mood Board

Bethany church has a unique perspective of providing fellowships, services to the community. We captured that essence from their beliefs, stories, structures and created a clean, sophisticated, bright, and modern look.


Site Map

By aggregating a comprehensive list of interaction tasks, helped us to aim the highlights of the website needs to solve. We focused on each persona and their specific needs to generate sitemaps for initial wireframes.

Interaction Flows
User Interface Design

The website gives a playful, cheerful, and nostalgic experience to user through the patterns, typography and and colors.



We handed over the final design, and in May 2022, the website will launch.

The usability test helped us analyze users are better able to reach their goals, which is providing what they want on the relevant pages with reducing clicks.


Working on improving an existing website had its perks and challenges. As a designer, I realised that I will not always work on a fresh or new product. Therefore, I learned how to analyse an existing product and make effective changes for the target audience. A key learning during this project was that all UX/UI steps do not apply to every project. It was to focus on the client's individual product rather than apply a "one size fits all" system.